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Recruiting for MoP
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We are recruiting recruiting for Mists of Pandaria.
The expansion is not so far away. We are doing our best to make a strong team for MoP.
We are not hard-core raiders ,but we have got good players what makes possible to achieve goals.

If u feel able to join our team lets make an apply. Before making it you have to register.

We have got a template ,but you can use your own.The reply may takes 48hour so be patient and dont disturb officers.
Alone in the Darkness is a semi hardcore guild.
We did 3/8 HC pre nerf an 5/8  HC with 15% nerf at Bloodscalp. We moved to TN and forged the guild with RL friends. After a few weeks we leveled and geared characters and did the same progress.
We want it to clear in heroic mode during the content. Some of us have got 8/8 heroic achives on mains.

We need dedicated raiders with strong moral, good attitude and performance. Doesnt matter which class you are if you are palying well. We are trying to achive goals with friendly amd serious raiding atmosphere.

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   What we expect:

- strong moral, good performance
- be friendly with others
- working mic and be communicative
- be online before the invite at least 5min.
- bring potions and food for raids
- be fully enchanted and gemed
- if you late post into the forum called AFK or     send a mail to an office
- always check the calendar and press accept

We use :
- Ts3 for raids   
- Lootcouncil system

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